Lower Silesia is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, rich in landscape and nature. Here you can find the Table Mountains (Góry Stołowe) – the only mountains in Poland with characteristic plate structures – numerous charming river valleys, waterfalls and pond complexes, with the biggest one in Europe, the Milicz Ponds (Stawy Milickie). Lower Silesian Forests (Bory Dolnośląskie), in turn, enchant with the wilderness of nature, multitude of plant species and mystique, murky landscapes.


Our region captivates not only with the beauty of nature, but also with splendid architecture. As a result of border changes in Europe after the World War II, Polish borders embraced one of the architectonically richest parts of pre-war Germany, which in its earlier history had been a part of Poland, Kingdom of Bohemia and the Habsburg Empire. This is just Lower Silesia, which is absolutely unique in the scale of our country. Nowhere else can we find architecture so different from Polish tradition, representing so many styles and epochs.


Lower Silesia is home to numerous gothic churches, baroque monasteries and post-Cistercian abbeys, tens of castles and palaces (ranging from Middle Ages till 20th century), objects of modernistic architecture (such as the Centennial Hall in Wrocław), or post-industrial architecture of the 19th and 20th century. We cannot miss the “remains” of the PRL (People’s Republic of Poland) times, either.


Across the area of more than 20 thousand km sq, our region enchants with the multitude of unique places and locations ideal for film shooting, whichever considered: the architecture, landscape or nature. Lower Silesia is the perfect place for filmmakers scouting for landscape rarities!


 The multitude of landscape values in the region, the presence of film production specialists, the possibility of using the finances available from the Lower Silesian Film Contest, the support from Wrocław Film Commission and the friendly attitude of local authorities to any cultural undertakings promoting both Wrocław and the entire province, all of them are encouraging the development of interesting projects, among which surely there will be place for your ideas! So, welcome to Lower Silesia!


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