Wrocław and region – Geopolitical data

Geopolitical data / General information


  • The area  of Lower Silesian Province is 19 947.2 km2.
  • Inhabitants – 2 915 238 (data as for March 2011).
  • The Province capital city is Wrocław, the forth largest city in Poland.
  • The city area: 293 km2
  • Population in Wrocław: 633 thousand (acc. to data at the end of 2010)

Wrocław is the regional centre of political, cultural and scientific life of Lower Silesia. It is a city full of green areas, situated on the Odra river, and with four other rivers it has 120 bridges. It is a city abundant in monuments, fro the gothic to modernistic ones. It is known in world as a place of the creative work of Jerzy Grotowski, Henryk Tomaszewski and Tadeusz Różewicz, as well as the leading Polish film directors of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio. It is the seat of a number of theatres, the Philharmonic and the Opera House, numerous museums, cinemas and art galleries. Here the famous Ossolineum (Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich) was moved from Lwów, one of the largest and most precious libraries in Poland. Every year, Wrocław holds numerous festivals, such as the International Festival  of Oratorio and Cantata Music Wratislavia Cantans, the Brave Festival or International Film Festival T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty, a feast for cinema-lovers.

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