The Lower Silesian Film Fund was established in 2008. It operates under the name Lower Silesian Film Competition (Lower Silesian Competition for supporting film production). Its benefactors are the self-governments of Lower Silesia Province and the city of Wrocław.


On the basis of an agreement between the two self-governments, the fund is run by Odra-Film, Institution of Culture of Lower SilesiaProvince Government, which is responsible for film redistribution and promotion of film culture. Odra-Film is also the co-producer of the films which received financing in the Competition.


The key selection criterion a film needs to fulfil in order to receive the support, is for its production to be linked to the Lower Silesian region through filming locations and by engaging local film experts and industry.


The Lower Silesian Film Competition is usually announced in the first quarter of the year. If not all financial means are used in the first edition, the Competition may be announced again the same year.


Following the judgement on the past editions of the Lower Silesian Film Competition, the co-production contribution was received by 25 films. Seventeen films have been successfully finished and eight will have their premieres in 2013.

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