TLSFC 2008

The 1st Lower Silesian Film Competition (July 2008)


The first edition of Lower Silesian Competition aimed at supporting film production (The Lower Silesian Film Competition) which was  announced on July 15th, 2008, was resolved by the Competition Committee on September 25th, 2008. The money for the competition was bestowed by the self-governments of Wrocław and Lower Silesia (1m. zlotys each).


Fifteen projects were subjected for the Competition, out of which four were rejected due to formal reasons. Eleven projects (6 feature films, 3 documentaries, 2 animated films) were evaluated by 18 experts selected by lot from a list approved by the Commission. Four projects (3 feature films, 1 animation) obtained from the experts the minimum average 60 points required by the competition regulations.


The Competition Committee, in the bench: Robert Banasiak (the Marshall’s Office), Rafał Bubnicki (the chairman, Deputy Director of Odra-Film), Jacek Gawroński (the Marshall’s Office), Zbigniew Morawski (the Municipal Authorities), Jerzy Pietraszek (the Municipal Authorities), had at disposal the amount of 1 992 600 zł, i.e. 2 m. zlotys gross, less the remuneration for the experts – 7400 zł in total.


The Committee made the decision about making contracts with producers of three projects:


Project title / 
director / film category

Applicant – producer

Amount awarded (gross)

Happy Afonia / 
Jan Jakub Kolski / feature

Argomedia Production

805 200 zł

You Won’t Know (final title  – Don’t Leave Me)/ 
Ewa Stankiewicz / feature

Centrala sp. z o. o.

610 000 zł

Awakening / 
Wojciech Majewski / animation

Cine Art. Production sp. z o. o.

292 800 zł


The Competition Committee decided to recommend to donors, the self-governments of Wrocław and Lower Silesia, that the remaining amount, i.e. 284 600 zł gross, should be passed on to the next edition of the Competition, which would be announced at the beginning of the next year.

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