The 4th Lower Silesian Film Competition (March 2011)


For the 4th Lower Silesian Film Competition, announced on  17 March 2011,  24 projects entered (11 feature films, 9 documentaries and 4 animated), whose producers had applied for the co-production contributions in the total amount of  7 707 350 zł. After formal evaluation, the Committee admitted all projects to the second stage. To the 3rd stage (in accordance with the regulations) – beside the films currently submitted for the competition – three films were qualified: one feature film („Dżej Dżej), one documentary („Transformation or Polish Talks in Autumn ‘86”) and one animated („Golden Drops”), which entered the 3rd stage in 2010 Competition, but in the 3rd Lower Silesian Competition did not receive or did not use the co-production contribution.


The Competition Committee, which conferred in the bench: Rafał Bubnicki (Odra Film, the Committee Chairman), Jacek Gawroński (Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office), Tomasz Wołodźko (Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office), Zbigniew Morawski (Municipal Authorities, Wrocław), Jerzy Pietraszek (Municipal Authorities, Wrocław) had the gross total amount of 1 600 000 zł at their disposal (less the experts’ remuneration in the amount of 18 200 zł), which was made of money from the budgets of the Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office and Wrocław Municipal Authorities.


The Committee decided to grant the co-production contributions to the following films:


Project title / 
director / film category

Applicant – producer

Amount awarded (gross)

EZI / 
Jarosław Marszewski / feature film

Film Studio Kalejdoskop

700 000 zł

The Golden Drops /
Daniel Zduńczyk, Marcin Męczkowski / animation

ATM Grupa

300 000 zł


Due to not using the full amount designated for the 4th Lower Silesian Film Competition, the Competition Committee decided to announce on 5th July 2011 the 5th Lower Silesian Film Competition  for the gross amount of 581 800 zł.

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