TLSFC 2012

The 6th Lower Silesian Film Competition (February 2012)


18 projects entered for the 6th Lower Silesian Competition, announced on 8th Febraury 2012,  (5 feature films, 12 documentaries and 1 animated). After formal evaluation, the Committee classified for the 2nd stage (judgement by the experts) 17 projects, whose producers had applied for the co-production contributions in the amount of 5 418 011 zł (net). Beside these, for the 3rd stage, documentary „Winds of Armine” was qualified, which had been in the finals of the 5th Edition of DKF, but did not receive the co-production contribution.


On 25th May 2012, the Competition Committee, who conferred in the bench: Rafał Bubnicki (Odra Film, the Committee Chairman), Jacek Gawroński (Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office), Tomasz Wołodźko (Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office), Zbigniew Morawski (Municipal Authorities, Wrocław), and Jerzy Pietraszek (Municipal Authorities, Wrocław) resolved the 6th Edition of The Lower Silesia Film Competition.


The Committee had at their disposal the total net. amount 1 615 393.94 zł (less the experts’ remuneration in the amount of 12 950 zł), which was made up of the money from the budgets of The Marshall of Lower Silesia Office and the Wrocław Municipal Authorities Office (800 000 zł each) as well as the incomes of Odra-Film from the use of the co-produced films (15 393.94 zł).


The Committee took the decision about signing contracts with the producers of five films:


Project title / 
director / film category

Applicant – producer

Amount awarded (net.)

The Photographer / Waldemar Krzystek/ feature film

Yes To Film

1 087 349 zł

Wrocław by Vaclav Havel / Paweł Woldan / documentary

Pado Studio Film

110 000 zł

Albert Cinema / Agnieszka Zwiefka / documentary

Chilli Productions

121 200 zł

Stanisław Lenartowicz – a Wanderer from Vilnius / Krzysztof Rogulski / documentary

Studio Filmowe Kronika

120 000 zł

Stanisław Skrowaczewski / Henryk Urbanek / documentary

Dolnośląski Dom Filmowy

163 894. 94 zł


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