XI DKF | 2017
Director: Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
Writer: Katarzyna Terechowicz, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
Director of photography: Wojciech Todorow, Kamil Płocki, Mateusz Szlachtycz
Scenography: Elwira Pluta
Cast: Sandra Drzymalska, Agnieszka Warchulska, Katarzyna Herman, Mirosław Kropielnicki, Tomasz Sobczak
Producer: Argomedia
Co-producer: Piramida Film, D35, Dreamsound, Studio Filmowe Wrocław, Chimney Poland, Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe/Odra Film (Dolnośląski Fundusz Filmowy)
Co-financing: Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
Inspired by true events, the story of 19-year-old Ula, a girl from a small town who was kidnapped and forced into prostitution in Germany. After 2 years, she manages to escape and return to her home town, where she faces social rejection. She receives no support even from her immediate family. Despite being psychologically and sexually abused, Ula has no intention of playing the role of victim. She rebels against the omnipresent hypocrisy of the community. In her surroundings, Christian principles of love of neighbour are preached, but in everyday life no one applies these principles. What’s more, Christian mercy is misunderstood and misrepresented, because it allows, under the banner of faith, to hurt painfully. Even those closest to them. A moving drama about loneliness and exclusion, about the psychological effects of living in family and community terror. It poses the question whether it is acceptable to accept violence in a society which universally declares that it follows the principles of the Decalogue in its everyday life. (source: FilmPolski)
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